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16 March 2010 @ 03:21 pm
Alice in Wonderland  
Trippy. I've never been a man for 1 word reviews, but this movie deserves one.

It's a stunning visual feast, but there isn't a tasty morsel of plot anywhere to be found. Rahter, it's a whacky opportunity for Tim Burton, Helen Botham Carter and Johnny Depp to be strange and wonderfully entertaining as always. The gothic trio are certainly on form, the supporting cast a director's dream come true and the budget suitably enormous.

The movie starts well, entertains throughout and wraps up nicely. So what's not to like?

The randomness. I know we're talking about Alice in Wonderland, but this film is not only a sequel to the original (which should have been clearly advertised), it's also quite dark and involved.

The Mad Hatter puts on a thick Scottish accent to foretell prophecies of doom and insanity in once instance. Brilliant for adults with a taste for Shakespeare, but wasted on the kiddies and dilinquents who will be bored, puzzled and waiting for more CGI magic to unfurl before their eyes.

But, if Alice in Wonderland have one thing going for it, it's the little details and quotations you remember days after watching it.

Overall it's well worth a watch, but not a DVD purchase.