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18 February 2010 @ 03:09 pm
FitFlop Flop  
I swear that Bex must now own every pair of FitFlops under the sun. But has the amazing microwobble board technology actually helped her to get in shape? No, probably not. I think eating less cake and being more active has done that. But what do I know about the revolutionay FitFlop when I'm just an ignorant man. Still seems like an excuse to whack a pair of cheap ten quid sandals up by another twenty quid to me. So now there's fitflop super trainers in production and surprise, surprise, Bex wants a pair. Well, that's just 'super'...apparently.

I'm longing for the summer. Not just for the warm weather, but so we can recoup a small fortune with another epic Car Boot Sale where I'll flog a metric ton of her old shoes (most of which have probably never been worn) to the immigrant workers who scour car boot sales for shoes, clothing, hand bags -you name it, they'll have it.

Our yearly car boot sale is a nice guilt trip for the missus when she sees so many people who have escaped to come with in this country. And thankfully all of them speak english and are perfectly friendly. A far cry from the image of 'ruffian' asylum seekers we're often sold. They're just people like anyone else looking to get work and make a better living for themselves. If they can buy up all our old shoes and clothes that would otherwise end up in a skip, then more power to them. I bet they'd laugh their arses off if they knew about half the crap Bex buys (like FitFlops). Actually, they probably wouldn't. They'd with THEY had that kind of money and would probably put it to much better use.

Speaking of which, I'd better stop ranting and get back to work.
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