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27 November 2009 @ 10:13 am

The reason I want winter to end and summer to beging is wake boarding! It's just like water skiing, but you're on a snowboad instead. A friend of a friend sells wakeboard towers for a living and has invited a bunch of us down to Southampton for a weekend in Summer.

Running has fallen by the wayside because it's cold, wet, miserable and generally the run up to Christmas has taken up a huge chunk of my time. Thankfully, I've got loads of holiday to use up, so this Christmas, I'm going to be making the most of 2 weeks off.

Now to just battle may way into the new year, through another snowy January, a freezing February and hopefully a warmer March. While I'm going to be off skiing again next year, summer can't come quickly enough.

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27 August 2009 @ 10:51 am

Read a fantastic article over at www.walking.org about insoles for shoes.

There needs to be more stuff like this on the net that just explains things for the lamen, then goes into a bit more detail for people who need the extra info. Been getting irritated by the BBC site lately because the articles just ramble on and on without conclusion.

For my daily dose of news, I've ended up reading The Daily Mash (recommended to me by my mate Mel) instead of the usual rubbish the BBC have been putting out of late. The only downside is that you need to have a rought idea what the news is before you can enjoy the sarcastic stylistic delights of The Daily Mash.

Enough ramble. Back to work :(

19 June 2009 @ 10:19 am
My mate has got himself a job in South End working for hi tec.This comes as a bit of a surprise because we all thought he was very happy in his current job. But he's really excited to go and work for them, so good for him.

He appeared for the usual pub catch up on Sunday wearing a pair of retro hi tec silver shadow trainers and gave us all a Hi Tec catalogue to flip through (typical salesman that he is) and offered us a discount on pretty much whatever we want before he moves down that way. But I have to order through Fitness Footwear, because Hi Tec doesn't sell direct. Seems mad to me, but hey, it's not my industry.

I have to say that while Hi Tec seem to be a bit of an overlooked British brand, they're actually very good in sports and outdoors footwear While they don't quite have the same branded impact as Nike or Adidas, they make some bloody good shoes at a really good price.

Although I have to wonder if they've priced their products too low for what they are? Perhaps that just goes to show how overpriced everything else is.

I already own a pair of hi tec auckland for general outdoor stuff and they haven't let me down. So considering they cost me about thirty quid, I was well impressed. Now that I have a friend in the right place, I'm also thinking of purchasing some hi tec squash shoes for my weekly game of Squash followed by pub. A change of racquet didn't give me the competitive edge, so my regular game is still a hard fought stalemate. Maybe some appropriate footwear would make a difference?

All I need now is a friend who works for Dell because my PC is in its death throes. I've tried absolutely everything and still it constantly cuts out for no apparent reason. It's been better since running Google Chrome, but after a week its decided to continue crashing anyway.
12 May 2009 @ 03:26 pm

Running has taken a big hit this month as I've spent every weekend decorating. In the past few weeks I've learned how to wallpaper like a pro, paint like Titian and build some cracking wardrobe doors out of contiboard with a fine oak finish. In fact I've gained a new respect for my Father who's business brain is not only ripe with very clever idea, but also full of amazing DIY tips.

So now that I'm back to work for a rest, I'm longing for a good run again. Just one look outside will tell you that this is perfect running weather. It's bright and sunny, but quite cool, without being cold. In fact, I'm sorely tempted to take a day off work (as holiday), simply to go for a proper run and stretch my legs.

Maybe the running impulse explains the new pair of Asics trainers I ordered, which have arrived this morning. As I'm sure you know, Asics is the world's biggest running shoes brand. They sponsor nearly every official race and sports event going and a worn by all manner of athletes. Not bad for a Japanese brand that's competing with Adidas and Nike if you ask me.

My life seems to be decorating and I'm really drained. I could fall asleep right now. But I have to get home, cook dinner, eat it and sort out other things before I go for a run. Will I run? I hope so.

15 April 2009 @ 09:53 am
"Don't wear cotton." Was the response I got from the canoe club secretary when I asked if I needed any special kit or clothing for kayaking this weekend.

Getting information out of this woman is like trying to get blood out of a stone and their website isn't particularly helpful either. The way things are going, I plan to call the club, speak to someone else and simply sign up with the next group of beginners.

While I may have some experience from previous years of white water kayaking in France during my teens, maybe the formal training would be a good idea. Plus, they won't just throw me in the deep end. I know it's a defeatist attitude, but in this instance it would be better to set the bar low and beat it by miles instead of setting the bar high and failing expectations.

I'm by myself this evening. So dinner will be fish fingers, chips and some peas washed down with a cuppa tea. Now that's living!
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14 April 2009 @ 10:07 am

Got called in to help a mate decorate this weekend.

Exchanged many free hours of my time grouting, tiling a bathroom and partaking of a fine roast dinner and thai green curry as a form of payment.

Due to family commitments I didn't go for a run.
Due to easter sunday I couldn't go to the canoe club.
Looking forward to canoeing next Sunday.

07 April 2009 @ 09:30 am

Life's been so busy lately, it's tough to keep my running blog updated, which, let's face it, has turned into more of a What Slab Did Today than the dedicated training journal that it was supposed to be.

So continuing with that new trend, let's talk about my weekend -which was probably one of the best weekends in a long time.
Went to Camden with Bex for a spot of shopping. It was made even more enjoyable because she had no money, while I was looking for new t-shirts and maybe a comfy jumper or two. So instead of being dragged through millions of girly shoe shops, there was just the alternative places that I like, including Hexagon and Cyber Dog.

I got myself some nice technical looking t-shirts, including one with an exploded diagram of old skool head phones. Found a really snug hoody like the one I lost last year. That had a funky technical design too, but they didn't have it in my size.
Got home, checked the website and that wanted £60 for it, plus postage. Bit more than what I was quoted in store. Might give that a miss then.

We walked everywhere on Saturday, from Euston to Camden, back to Euston, on to the tube, then around Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road and along the Thames.

Sunday was a little more healthy. I went out for a run, then felt the urge to go for a walk straight after, so I was out for about 2 hours in total, before I got home, had a bath and visited the folks for Sunday roast.

Other Things:

I still need to join the local canoeing club.
Our office is moving to a new location which has a gym built in the basement with regular classes.

Two new things I need to join.

31 March 2009 @ 10:32 am

The post has just arrived at work and there's a parcel with my name on it. Very strange. I don't remember ordering anything.
So I opened up the box to find a pair of Birkenstock shoes inside. I didn't order these. I was busy getting sloshed this weekend!

Naturally I suspect that Bex is behind this latest fashion atrocity. I pointed and laughed at her when she bought herself Fit Flops as an excuse not to go running, I hated the Crocs and now she's bought me Birkenstocks of all things when I have a perfectly good pair of funky Merrell walking sandals for summer. It's not like I buy her clothes...or is that her hidden female agenda?

On top of my running, I have decided to join a local canoeing club. Stay tuned for more running and rowing with Slabbenchpress

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31 March 2009 @ 10:27 am
Got back from my wild weekend with the lads in Nottingham. I was so tired that I took Monday off work and pretty much slept right through to midday. That's what a diet of bacon and eggs on top of two extremely late nights does to you. Especially when fuelled by a pint of Guinness followed by countless glasses of rum and coke.

In a desperate attempt to salvage myself, I went for a run on monday and felt surprisingly good when I got back, before washing the car, doing the washing, cooking dinner and then taking some parcels to the post office.

So maybe the occassional wild weekend away is good for me after all?


25 March 2009 @ 04:06 pm

While I was completely justified for condemning Crocs earlier, I've seen the perfect summer sandal for a guy like me who doesn't really want to wear sandals, but gets very hot feet otherwise.

Just check out these Merrell Kahuna walking sandals. That's right, I said walking sandals. Basically, take the typical walking shoes, rip off the uppers, some bits at the side and back and you end up with these. I think that's the ideal behind them. So essentially a walking sandal is exactly the same as a walking shoe, but with less material surrounding your foot so that they stay cooler because the air can get to the skin. Looks good to me for when we take my parent's dogs on a long summer walk.

I've really got into going for a walk lately, usually after a big dinner or sunday roast. There's something lovely about taking in the countryside that you tend to miss when you're running past at a hundred miles an hour, dodging dog walkers, traffic and whatever else comes your way.

Obviously I'm not going running in these things, although I suppose I could. They have all the support in the right places. But then, I'm buying these as a good looking fashion shoe for my hot and sweaty feet in summer. Maybe I'll go for a casual run and see how they do. Might have to mind the stoney paths though.

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