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02 July 2010 @ 11:11 am
Barefoot is Hard  
Went for my first walk and run in my Vibram Five Fingers.
Walking was quite hard going. As someone who's always plodded along, heel striking, moving to the midfoot was quite tough -especially when I'm used to running on my forefoot.

After 5 minutes I was off the pavement and onto the grass, which made a massive difference, despite the ground being as hard as the tarmac.
I did a 15 minute walk around the block (our industrial estate is huge), then ran on my forefoot for the last quarter.
Maybe it's because I'm used to forefoot running already, but this was much easier and the impact on my forefoot didn't seem as hard. Probably due to natural springiness when running.

Right foot is now very comfy having worn in my Vibrams. The left foot isn't.
Where the fit cuts across the first metatarsal it used to rub on the right foot, but the skin has toughened up.
On the left foot, the same bit seems to be pressing down on a nerve -owch!

I plan to keep wearing them a little bit every day. Hopefully the nerve pain will go away. Otherwise it's going pretty well.