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23 February 2010 @ 09:38 am
More FitFlopping  
Despite my dislike of FitFlops and Bex' love of them, the world is conspiring against me. My company has just ordered the new FitFlop SuperBoot, so guess who's going to be pestering me for a pair to add to her already enormous FitFlop collection?

As someone who runs regularly for a mixture of fun and exercise, the concept of FitFlops is obvious, but the whole point of real exercise is that it produces real results. So when Bex is telling me about a blog she's been reading online that points to one of our new competitors who have a preview of FitFlop Super Boots up on their site, I was amazed that the new FitFlop has almost nothing to do with exercise. Quite the opposite in fact, because it's a trashy ladies fashion boot.

So how does a high cut woman's boot offer exercise? Something about the sole that mimics the barefoot walking gait to work the muscles more. Haven't these women ever heard of walking about the house barefoot or even on the beach at the very least?

You're probably sick of me complaining about FitFlop, because I'm sick of Bex telling me how amazing they are. But on the flip side, what if there was a t-shirt for me that works the pecs and abs while you...drink lager and eat curry?

Not a bad question and even I have to admit that it sounds like a fantastic idea. But would it work? I guess that it doesn't matter if people by them by the bucket load.

The again those electro-tone machines have been around for years and never really had any serious commercial success. You don't see any well toned celebrities electrocuting their muscles into perfectly sculpted forms.

Maybe I should go and patent the tone-up-t-shirt before someone beats me to it?
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